History and Origin

Yogi Bikram Choudhury founded the Bikram College of India. The faculty of this college are dedicated to the wellness of people from all over the world. Here the therapeutic value of Hatha Yoga is taught to practice in the sequence of 26 different yoga poses which is universally known as Bikram Yoga. The affiliated Bikram Studios are located at different locations around the world. Twice a year “teacher training Programme” is conducted on an annual basis to develop more numbers of knowledgeable teachers who would be able to teach and guide others. Lectures seminars and workshops are conducted all around the world in order to create awareness to the masses about the importance of yoga.

Bikram Yoga is a sequence of 26 poses which has been selected and developed from Hatha Yoga by its founder Bikram Choudhury. Millions of people  around the world have experienced the health benefits of this yoga. Here the 26 yoga poses work in a systematic manner with every individual part of the body. Hence, muscles, veins, all the internal organs and all the ligaments, get the benefits of these poses and thereby the practitioner enjoys maximum body functionality and optimum health.

Each posture is targeted to benefit a particular part of the body and yet they work synergistically together contributing to the benefit of the complete body. Bikram Yoga should always be practiced only under the guidance of a certified yoga teacher of Bikram Yoga, preferably at one of its studio which is built to provide proper heating which would help you in practicing the yoga postures optimally.

For over 5000 years yoga has been being practiced in India. The practice of yoga is the combination of breathing control, meditation and body postures. There are about more than 100 varieties of yoga training which vary in methods and intensity but, almost all of them include the basics of simple meditation and breathing exercises along with different postures and poses which flexes and stretches the different muscle groups. Thus we find that the practice of yoga is beneficial for both body and the soul.

What is Bikram Yoga?

The yoga practitioners are usually strong. The effects of practicing yoga are noticeable very slowly, but gradually it tones the body muscles optimally. It is a general belief that heavy workout at gym makes your body strong in a short time but the control required in various postures or combination of poses is just as strength building and toning in yoga practice. With the regular practice of yoga and enabling yourself to keep in yoga postures you shall strengthen the muscles in your back, legs, arms and core.

Actually the practicing in gym makes your body stiff, whereas the practice of yoga makes your body flexible. Practicing of yoga stretches your muscles. The more your body is stretched the muscles become longer. Usually people are aware that a stiff muscle restricts your body movement and develop cramps in certain cases. An elongated muscle helps in releasing the tension, increases the blood flow, reducing the stress and risk of headache and there is an increase in the range of your motion. However, it must be remembered, that in the practice of yoga you must not over work the muscles as yoga is basically about repetition and control. With regular yoga practice you shall notice the improvement in the flexibility of your body.

The Benefits of Bikram Yoga

As far as the energy level of the body is concerned, if your body is low on a hormone which is known as “Cortisol”, then your body is low on energy. The important part of yoga is that, especially with yoga poses which are combined with breathing technique is that it actually helps to increase the cortisol level in your body, which reduces the fatigue. The practice of yoga detoxes the body through the exercises. You are actually rinsing toxins from your body when you are strengthening and stretching your muscles and massaging your internal organs. The energy level of your body is boosted as it receives new oxygen and revitalizes the body completely.

bikram Yoga Classes

The respiratory system of a human body consists of lungs, bronchial tube, and the nose, air passage like the larynx, the pharynx and trachea. It is responsible for speaking and for supplying oxygen to the body and expelling the carbon dioxide from the body. The breathing exercises in yoga develops relaxation and calmness in the body, and it also develops better respiratory stamina. It helps the management of allergens which affects the respiratory system.  The respiratory system is also affected by stress. This should be done only with practice and medical opinion is always advisable if you have breathing problems or any allergic reaction.

Yoga is perfect for people who are looking for low impact sports, as it does not produce any impact on joints. This practice is ideal for people with arthritis or any other disease related to joint inflammation. With the help of a trainer you can always make a variation on movement to suit your capability. If you combine yoga training of low impact with a balanced diet, it will be helpful in weight loss. Although it is not a cardiovascular workout, your body still work hard enough to drop some body fat.

Most of the increments in activities or movement in life can increase the rate of metabolism. Metabolism is that which converts food into energy. The process is a bit complex biomedical, through digestion, supply of clean and healthy blood to the body and development of muscles to burn calories.

The cardiovascular system also known as circulatory system is a network of vessels and organs in the body along with lungs, heart and systemic highways which are responsible for blood flow, hormones, oxygen and nutrients. Because of its controlled positioning, breathing technique and muscle targeting exercises, the yoga works on all the three systems at the same time and benefits the cardiovascular health to a great extent.

Yoga works on every parts of body which might have been overlooked by other training. Yoga is very helpful in athletic training as additional training for athletic enhancement. By practicing yoga in combination with meditation and breathing you develop skills to manage the stress level. Besides the wonderful physical benefits, your mind also receives overhauling by practicing more meditation. Breathing comes more easily which can be practiced throughout the day.

A Guide To Bikram Yoga – Body + Soul

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